“Nice work BTW. Pithy goes a long way with me.”
— Wayne White

“Love your illustration work.”
— Carson Magazine

“I really like the vibe of your illustration.”
— Orange Coast Magazine

“It’s a great illustration that will give our story more depth. Thanks so much for your help making our magazine more beautiful!”
– B-More Live Magazine

“We dig your work.”
— Dripbook

“I usually abhor “whimsy”, it is usually vapid, meaningless and done simply for cutesy sake, In Dave’s work there is far more to it than the notion of cute, there is an idea there, which lifts it above the ghetto of whimsy.”
— Mark Kaufman

“Brilliant illustrator. Sometimes you meet someone with so much talent, you get discouraged. Dave makes you want to excel.”

“This isn’t just art, it’s therapy.”

“I found Dave’s website via Twitter and let me tell you something… he’s a genius!”

Bacon Surprise is one of my favorite illustrations in this year’s Society of Illustrators Annual!”

“Nice stuff! Lovely line work and palette.”

“My fridge is covered with these post cards, people always ask me if I did them. If only I could!!”

“Dave, I enjoy your artistic talents, of which you have only touched the surface, it is obvious you have a commitment to be PRESENT, no matter what you do.”

“Your art is amazing! Not just your motifs, but the detail in and the composition of your backgrounds aswell. Ingenious! Keep up the good work!”

“I am the proud owner of one of Dave’s prints and it hangs in my office/studio to remind me of the time I once brushed up against pure artistic genius…………..Oh Oh………..I told myself i wouldn’t cry……..sorry.”

“Finally a real visual interpretation of whats in that wacky mind of yours! It all makes sense now!! cool stuff man!!!!”

“Love the cocktail series. Makes me long for happy hour.”

“You keep on doing my favorite cocktails!”

“Dave – wonderful illustrations. Nearly 30 years since I first saw your cartoons/illustrations and I am still amazed at your talent! Great job!”

“I simply adore the use of color – fantastico.”

“As usual, Dave has an incredible sense of emotion in his work. His illustrations always warm my soul.”

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